Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cast on!

I cast my red scarf on this afternoon using the My So Called Scarf pattern. The yarn is recycled from a recycled sweater I found at GoodWill's that I got lots of nice wool yarn from. I think I am gonna have to wash the scarf in some wool wash because it feels ruff to be after being dyed. It's probably just residue dye or it may be the humidity! Knittin with wool in the heat makes it stick to my skin! Anyhoo I twine dyed it.

Lime and Violet over at the Daily Chum say that if one links to them, they can find it...so here goes nothin!


Chelle said...

I wanna join!

DruidChelle at gmail dot com

Crow Calling Woman said...

An invite your way comes!

Miss Violet said...

If I say it, it is so!


Crow Calling Woman said...

Holy Smokes! It worked!!