Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pass it on!!

I am not apart of many Goddess groups anymore so anyone who would like to spread the word...PLEASE DO!
Here, I'll even make it super easy for yeah. Just copy and past the 'ol shameless plug below!

"Red Scarf Project: Team Goddess

Team Goddess is a KAL (knit-along but crocheters and weavers are also welcome) blog and flickr group created to facilitate communication between, and help provide a sense of online community, between those of us who venerate Goddess, who are of like mind and who enjoy KALing for charity. The Red Scarf Project is about sending hand knit, red (any shade), unisex (no fun fur) scarfs that are sent along with a care package (packed by volunteers for the OFA) for Valentines for the college bound orphan youth. This program is facilitated by the Orphan Foundation of America to help their foster youth remember they are not forgotten while they are away educating themselves for the future. More detailed information, scarf patterns and guidelines and deadline info can be found at . I am not affiliated, however I enjoy the warm-fuzzy feeling I get when I know I am knittin' to make a HUGE difference. The send-in deadline is a mere 6 weeks (from Sept 1st-Oct 15th) this year so get those needles a clickin!!

Come on over and join the blog here: and our flickr group at . Membership to both places is not required but most of the conversations will take place on the blog. To join the blog, leave your email (the one connected to your blogger account) in a comment field (TIP!! To prevent the roaming spam-bots picking up your addy and slamming your inbox with spam please completely write out your email. So if mine was I would write this out to read someone at home dot com. I'll replace the words with the actual thing.) and be on the lookout for an invite to become an author of the blog. Check those spam folders if you fear you have been over-looked before assuming you have!! If you have a flickr account, GREAT, the only step you have to take is to click the join this group button! If not, joining is free and easy to both services!

And the best thing yet?! We are having a drawing on Oct. 20th of those who participated on the blog therefore we are actively looking for prize sponsors! Leave a note on the blog if you would like to help facilitate the "prize fund". We are only seeking merchandise in small quantities (a skien of quality yarn, beaded stitch markers, needles, etc) and we ask that those donating them be the ones to send them to the winner. This keeps everything much more organized and less postage and packaging is wasted this way.

So...Got red yarn? Gotta caring heart? Gotta game plan? Well then! You, my like-minded friend, are therefor cordially invited to indulge in some like-minded charity KALing with Team Goddess! I'll see you there!"


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